Welcome to the Indian King, our restaurant. I am Suvash Banik and I grew up in India and also in Bangladesh. Interest for food and cooking has been with me all my life and my role model was my mother who was a gifted chef and use to cook delicious dishes. When I moved to Sweden in 1995, I started my life here as a Chef at the best Indian restaurant, it was a nice time but the dream of opening my own restaurant always kept budding in my mind. The dream became true here at Västmannagatan 12 in May 2004 and had many hurdles to win. There were no advertising, no website or social media handles like today, which contributed to a slow start. My family stood beside me as me and my wife were certain about the fact that one day the guests would come and appreciate the food as we had our mother’s recipe in it. Guess what, within one year of opening we had long queues outside and fortunately till date the queue has become just longer. Over the years, many of the guests also became "regulars" and friends, I am incredibly happy about that today. After 13 years of wear and tear of the interiors, we have completely renovated both the kitchen and the dine-in facility to offer you the best ambience that resonates the flavour of delicious Indian food and the rich culture. Also, you must come and taste the huge variety of dishes that were hand-picked by me to offer you the best menu ever.

We offer the best way to pamper your taste buds and to enjoy the diversity of foods of India. Indian King Restaurant is known for its quality and variety of foods. We have customers who have been loyal to us for many years and visit us for the best dining experience. Our service is considered top-notch in the town. We offer 100% authentic Indian food that includes Indian delicacies such as Tandoors & Curry. Not only this, but we also provide a wide range of delicious vegetarian & vegan dishes. We are extremely focused on the good service as well, which of course include online booking, telephone booking (+46 08237001) to name a few. To have an experience of a lifetime you must visit us, so hurry up our doors are opened to offer you a grand welcome.